New Technologies


A Section created to prepare studies and to analyse the needs of the firms, from the point of view of the organisation and management of them as well as of the relationship with the clients, transferring all of that to the group of associates, with the aim or providing a catalogue of “good practices” coming from the experience faced by other colleagues of the Association.


Management trends

Notes of interest on topical issues related to the management of professional firms, analyzed, all of them, from the author's own experience.

  • Management in the transformation of the professional office of the XXI century: Technology Size and Talent​ (21/12/2015)

  • CRM solutions. More than a technological solution (26/10/2015)

  • Merge between legal-firms, booming option (13/10/2014)




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  • Jaume Mingot Mas

  • Blanca de Eugenio Fernández

  • David Gonzalez Pescador 

  • José Mª Leal Periago

  • Maite Reina Cuadra


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