ADIT - Advanced Diploma in International Taxation

Advanced Diploma in International Taxation


The ADIT (Advanced Diploma in International Taxation) is a degree that has great prestige and recognition among those professionals that carry out their daily practice in an international context, where the knowledge of the tax systems of the countries of our surrounding area is essential when providing appropriate advice to the client.

This degree is granted by the Chartered Institute of Taxation (CIOT), the leading corporation in the United Kingdom that groups the professional of tax consulting.

The obtaining of the ADIT requires showing a high level of knowledge in international taxation by passing three exams on the principles of international taxation, advanced international taxation and principle of international corporate taxation.

The exams are taken in the AEDAF facilities in Madrid, for having been recognised as an authorised examining centre since the end of the year 2013.



Information necessary for obtaining this qualification:


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