Publications of the AEDAF:

Revista Interactiva de Actualidad (Interactive News Magazine) (RIA)
Weekly magazine in which the most recent Sentences, Decisions and Consultations are highlighted.

Revista Técnica Tributaria (Technical Tax Magazine)
Quarterly magazine that contains doctrinal articles, jurisprudence overview, administrative doctrine and a section dedicated to the jurisprudence of the Court of Justice of the European Community.

Bimonthly publication, customisable, addressed to the clients of the associates that are dedicated to professional practice.

Boletín de Legislación (Legislation Bulletin)
Monthly bulletin that contains the legislative overview of the period in question, on the European, State and regional level.

AEDAF Papers 
Documents with the institutional opinion on current issues and proposals for regulatory modification.

Monografías AEDAF (AEDAF Monographs)
In-depth study of certain subjects of tax interest.

Guías Fiscales (Tax Guides)
Practical guides for the preparation of the principal taxes, in which are included the State regulations as well as the specialities applicable to the different Autonomous Regions under the Common System and in regional territories.

Section that contains a list of the editorial activity of the AEDAF.